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Knowledgeable Help With Construction Law

At Magaziner Law, P.A., we strive to be the one-stop legal shop for all our contractors, tradespeople, and material supplier clients. We can assist with everything from lien enforcement and contract disputes to licensing complaints and construction-defect demands.

We can even help you handle claims presented through your liability insurance carriers to make sure the claims are handled accurately and fairly.

Florida Lien Law Issues?

Florida has recognized that, at the onset of any project, the construction industry requires a substantial initial investment by the contractor and trades that can include material acquisition, mobilization, planning, permitting, and insurance costs.

We represent general contractors, tradespeople, construction managers, design professionals, material suppliers, and project owners in disputes relative to the preparation, recording, and enforcement of mechanic’s liens as well as other matters relative to collection, foreclosure, and nonpayment or overpayment.

Attorney Fees Available for Lien Claims

Moreover, assets are laid out over the course of the project, to be reimbursed in stages under a draw schedule. That is why it is one of the few areas of law that has a built-in attorney fee provision.

Under the Florida Construction Lien Law, contractors, tradesmen, design professionals, and other industry groups can protect their respective rights to receive payment for the work they have completed and, in most cases, also recover their fees and costs in collecting these funds.

We Can Help at Every Step

However, the rules and procedures are very strict and unforgiving, which is why we are here to help.

Representation for Construction Defect Litigation

Construction-defect litigation involves a variety of claims relative to the design and construction of the project as well as some purported defective or deficient components relative to the same. We assist builders and design professionals in defending against these claims.

He also helps homeowners and project owners investigate these claims to locate and identify the cause of the defect, the best repair solutions, and the parties responsible for it.

At Magaziner Law, P.A., we handle everything from the pre-suit “558” process through litigation, mediation, and, when necessary, trial. We work with an array of seasoned experts to provide the best representation of your interests throughout the process.

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