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Insurance Disputes Involving Construction Defects

Construction contracts typically require various forms of liability insurance, such as general liability, automobile, workers’ compensation, builders risk, completed operations, errors and omissions (E&O), and “all-risk” policies, which may provide coverage for claimed losses or indemnification against alleged liabilities, particularly those incurred for design or construction defect claims.

At Magaziner Law, P.A., we provide knowledgeable guidance and representation with a wide spectrum of insurance-related issues and disputes.

Representing the Trade With Insurance Issues

We help general contractors, tradespeople, construction managers, design professionals, and material suppliers process “627” demands, subrogation or indemnity demands, duty to defend demands, coverage demands, and other aspects of insurance claims that can get complicated and overwhelming.

Working With Homeowners Dealing With Insurance Claims

We help homeowners and project owners make claims against property insurance policies as well as contest denied or disputed weather events, construction defect/resultant damage, or other property damage claims.

Coverage Issues

We also assist homeowners and project owners in navigating their contractor/design professionals’ various policies of insurance to determine if there is coverage, and we advise them on how to demand compensation from those third-party insurers.

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